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Sail Shades from £0.00

Sail shades provide spectacular effects, yet they are simple and highly functional. With their cutting-edge and strong materials, they are inspired by the nautical world. Stainless steel is used for the frame, tension wires and central boom, around which the sail shade is rolled, which is fitted with a standard motor. The shade sails are made of laminated sailcloth with radial seams. Sail shades provide an effect of ever-changing elegance and gracefulness, as light as the wind. But they are extremely safe, firmly anchored to the ground and the fabric is always perfectly tensioned. If the wind blows too hard, more than 40 km/h, an anemometer quickly and automatically closes the shade sail. Its radial seams prevent water pockets from forming when it rains.

Sail shades are available in a free-standing version, with four masts, or in a leaning version, with a variable number of posts and in a multitude of configurations. Wherever you choose to position your sail shade, it will naturally blend in with the architecture and the landscape. It is your sail shade because sail shades are a bespoke product, just like a tailor-made suit.

Sail shades
sail shades

Pergolas from £0.00

Outdoor pergolas are inspired by the simplest and most ancient protection structure in the Mediterranean world. Pergolas leaning against the wall of a building, or self-bearing pergolas in a garden, by the sea or pool-side. 90-degree pergolas, which play up with the linearity of the horizon, or sloped pergolas, as a harmonious part of a building.

The structure is sturdy and resistant, in powder coated aluminum; the cover is foldable in PVC with horizontal profiles.

All the covered pergolas are available as mono-module and pluri-module solutions, with a customizable number of supporting legs, for application on spaces of different sizes.


Bioclimatic Pergolas from £0.00

Bioclimatic pergolas interact noiselessly with nature to offer you constant wellbeing in changing weather conditions, even the most imperceptible. With minimum energy consumption.

The secret lies in the cover with adjustable louvres: when slightly open, they rotate to create an agreeable light breeze and block out direct sunlight. When closed, they provide protection from the rain while rainwater runs off into built-in downpipes.

The microclimate is always perfect in bioclimatic pergolas. The vertical dimension complements the horizontal one, with the option of integrating all the Zip side closures. A pergola can be closed on all sides for a shading effect in the hottest months, or with glass panels so you can enjoy the view in the coldest months.


Sun Awnings from £0.00

You can you do and improve so many things with a sun awning! You can create a shaded corner, where you can enjoy air and light even when the sun is directly overhead. You can protect rooms and spaces from sunlight or add a recognisable and stylish structure to the façade of a house, hotel or retail business.

Sun awnings are not only practical, strong and totally efficient but also aspire to beauty: a refined beauty that arises from careful and informed choices of design, a subtle beauty that blends well with architecture and respects the landscape.

Sun awnings: a range of materials, solutions and applications

If each sun awning exactly meets the demands of its customers – whether a private individual or a company in the tourism and hospitality sector – it is because three factors come together: the extremely high quality of materials, cutting-edge technologies and a preference for elegant minimalist lines, which enhance spaces whatever the style.